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                About us

                Tai\'an Dongtai Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  is  located at the foot of Mount Tai "Five Sacred Mountains Domination" .Company use advanced production and processing equipment and full set of production technology and product design software .Produce of Auto testing and test equipment with the world advanced level,have more than 100 employees. Chinese first engineers, technicians major in Frequency fuel pump test stand, spare parts,Auto maintenance and computer fields.

                      Main products include:

                1.Diesel engine parts (nozzle, plunger, delivery valve, head Rotor, injector, fuel pump and other accessories);

                2.Injection pump test bench;      3.auto tools;       4.Auto parts;        5.special vehicles;         6.Turbocharger.......

                      Production process using advanced computer control and digital display systems, production technology, strong technical force . High quality, high technical performance, with micro-controller and digital functions. Products are sold more than 100 countries and regions of all world .

                     Our spirit is "excellent quality, excellent price, excellent service " three excellent operating principle of dedication to customer service, for the development of the internal combustion engine testing industry Chinese and abroad to make greater contributions.


                Contact us

                Tel/Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 13455388360

                Zip code:271000



                Add:High-Tech Zone,Taian,Shandong,China

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